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Our Moluccan cockatoos are one of the largest white cockatoos.

They average about 20 inches in length from the beak to the tip of the tail feathers.

The Moluccan Cockatoo Parrot has been a long time favorite for bird lovers.

The Moluccan cockatoo is a rosy-pink color, with the depth of the pinkness varying per individual.

This is a fantastic companion pet parrot for sale.

You can see here  the specific instruction for caring for your Mullucan cockatoo Parrot bird.

Sweet and affectionate may be understatements when it comes to describing the MOLLUCCAN COCKATOO PARROTS FOR SALE

It’s a bird that loves to be loved and really wants nothing more than someone to be with at all times. bird lovers.

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  1. Rey

    Thank You very much for your time, we are so happy with our baby. really appreciate you took the time to meet with us in person to show us the birds and first and then to deliver the baby to us. Excellent person and excellent breeder. I absolutely recommend them. And I will be waiting for the next hatch because I really like the way they take care of their birds. And they answer every question you have about your new bird. Thank You very much DEP

  2. Eduardo Perez

    They’re very friendly and has very good food I will highly recommend them for any birds lover

  3. Auntie Helen

    I am so happy we got our delivery today

  4. wencui

    Dep is so easy to deal with. THEY’RE so patient with all of my request. You can trust them with your business. It can’t go wrong with Dep. Highly recommended!

  5. Emilia Tamy

    These guys really know a lot about birds. My family bought our first bird from here and they were very helpful in making sure that we had all the necessities for first-time bird owners God bless DEP

  6. Sondra

    Have gotten some of the best baby from DEP. They really love their baby’s. Would recommend buying from them anytime.

  7. Lonny

    I highly recommend this breeder to anyone! they are very helpful and they show an interest in all of their birds and customers. They are willing to go the extra mile to help a customer. Overall, excellent service, A+!!

  8. Zex Young

    So nice and friendly people. The birds all beautiful and unique I visited from far and I will visit again

  9. Casanova Blanca

    Excellent choice of nutritious food and supplies.

  10. Jojo Mack

    We welcome these angels into our household , so precious and well trained. thanks again DEP!!!

  11. Bob W

    I had the most amazing experience here…

  12. Francios Bony

    gorgeous birds, thank you so much

  13. Marshall T

    One of the most important things to me is that the birds who are boarding stay right up front where the staff is constantly watching them (something our previous place did not do). When we pick him up, the staff often have funny stories about what he was up to and how he was behaving

  14. Samantha Coli

    My wife and I have been coming to DEP for almost 3 years now. We trust the staff implicitly

  15. Bradly

    The absolute best place to go for anything bird related!

  16. Julius Colin

    My experience with DEP is the best by far in buying birds online. I’m on my 3rd order.

  17. Angelinaj Kori

    they both are healthy, thanks.

  18. Yuni O

    We received our delivery 1 day late. was not happy but still i am grateful for she came under healthy conditions.

  19. Victor Casillas

    Awesome Cockatoos, I bought 3 about two months ago. The female has 3 eggs now. She loves her mate. 🙂

  20. Vladimir Giry

    I purchased four macaws from DEP about a month ago: All the birds are healthy, sing beautifully and bring much joy to our home. It was a delight working with DEP. I highly recommend DEP for purchase of your pets.

  21. julius Colin

    Honestly dominiumexoticpets is one of the most reliable exotic pet shops i have come across in recent years , ordered from here some months back and things always go smooth. Titi is very happy to be with her new companion i will for ever be your regular client.

  22. Cortez

    my doughter has been holding on to her she came in, thank you.

  23. Sara Rossi

    I adore my vivacious little cockatoo! He took a bath and within an hour of bringing him home he is already all over the house, and is already responding to my voice. DEP is patient and resourceful, and even includes a bag of seed with your bird. Truly outstanding!

  24. julius Colin

    Astonishing service. Thumbs up guys i got my baby delivered today!!!

  25. Hakoun T

    delivery successful to Quebec, CA. THANKS DEP.

  26. Laticia Jackson

    I’m Absolutely Impressed with the Quality of DEP’s Birds. DEP is extremely patient and knowledgeable.. Named him “Lemonade”🍋 Every time I call DEP with a question she is so informative.

  27. Frida Macus

    DEP is a Great place for everything birds.

  28. Erika Benjamin

    They have a wonderful staff who’s always eager to assist you and they love meeting new friends. Very knowledgeable in just about all things aviary thanks DEP

  29. Garry Man

    good job

  30. Luke A

    Marc Mcdonald “Staff was very knowledgable”

  31. Earl Macus

    I have been a very grateful customer since DEP opened years ago. They give inspiring care to the birds. The store is immaculate, and there is a wonderful stock of food, toys, and other pet supplies. I have come to know that I can rely on DEP for expert services !

  32. Susan

    amazing with the birds. I would never go anywhere else. I’m so pleased with everything about DEP

  33. Fred Wil

    Got everything I needed for my feathered bundle of joy. If your looking for anything bird related this is the place to check.

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