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This is a parrot for someone who can afford a hefty price tag and who has space to spare.

The hyacinth macaw stunning cobalt-blue coloring and massive size will cause anyone to pause and take notice.

Bright yellow around the eyes and at the base and the corners of the beak makes the largest of the macaw species appear to be in a perpetual smile.

This is a parrot for someone who afford a hefty price tag and who has space to spare.

This is a fantastic companion pet parrot for sale.

You can see here  the specific instruction for caring for your Hyacinth Macaw Parrot bird.

Tame and talking Hyacinth Macaw Parrots , talks clearly, likes to sit on shoulder and hand.


hyacinth macaw, blue macaw, hyacinth parrot, blue parrotThe hyacinth macaw is possibly the most stunning of the macaw family, and is certainly the largest. It is the largest of all parrots. Originally from Brazil,

Paraguay and Bolivia, the hyacinth is the “Great Dane” of companion birds, with the mature male reaching over 40 inches in length. Very few people actually have a hyacinth macaw as a companion, and will probably only have the pleasure of seeing one in a zoo or a larger bird shop. Despite its size, penchant for destruction, loudness and expense, this blue macaw is the penultimate companion bird for the person who has the time, patience and wallet to properly keep this beautiful beast.

The hyacinth macaw is a stunning cobalt color all over its body, with a ring of bright yellow around its eye and the same color yellow at the base and the corners of its beak. It is often referred to simply as a “blue macaw.” The hyacinth is not twice as large as other large macaws, though its big personality makes other macaws seem like dwarves in its presence.

Native Region / Natural Habitat

The hyacinth macaw lives primarily in the scrublands at the outskirts of the rainforest, though its large range also includes grasslands and lightly forested regions. It is an endangered species — there are an estimated 2,500 to 5,000 Hyacinth macaws left in the wild today. Destruction of their environment, hunting for feathers and food, and illegal poaching for the pet trade have contributed to the Hyacinth’s declining numbers. Eggs and nestlings have some natural predators as well.

The hyacinth macaw is part of many conservation programs: the Species Survival Plan, which helps to ensure the survival of select species, and the World Wildlife Fund-Brazil, which has had their Hyacinth Macaw Project going for 10 years, monitoring hyacinth macaws, setting up artificial nests, and working with local land owners to protect the species, are among them.

Another reason why these birds are so rare, both in the wild and in the pet trade, is because they develop much more slowly than companion birds. Babies fledge (leave the nest) at about 13 weeks, but they don’t become fully functioning adults for another six months. Breeding age begins at about 7 years of age. These birds can live to be more than 60 years old if cared for properly.

Care & Feeding

The right owner for a hyacinth macaw is someone who has either kept many birds successfully before, or someone who has done a lot of research, has consulted the experts, and knows exactly what they’re getting into. Still, the Hyacinth is not a great first bird simply because it can be a handful.

Hyacinth macaws need a very specific diet. In the wild this bird’s diet consists almost wholly of palm nuts from two specific types of palm tress. Hyacinths harvest the nuts from the trees in the wild, though the bird also has a very characteristic way of finding the nuts already stripped of their tough, fibrous outer coating: Hyacinths forage in cattle lands looking for dung containing the nuts, which are indigestible to the cattle, but easier for the hyacinth to open — the cow has done most of the work. The hyacinth macaw’s diet is very high in fat, and though you may not be able to find palm nuts (especially those predigested by cattle!), you can substitute Brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds, macadamias, coconut, pistachios and cashews. Lafeber macaw foods address these dietary needs. Avi-cakes, Nutri-Berries, Parrot Pellets and more contribute to a healthy diet that also encourage foraging for pet Hyacinths.

You will probably never see an obese hyacinth macaw — they seem to metabolize fat very easily and, in fact, need to be encouraged to eat anything else, such as fruits and vegetables, which should be fed daily. Of course, a good seed and pellets based diet can be offered as well.

This large bird needs an exceptionally large housing area. Be willing to devote a large part of their home to this bird. A “regular” cage isn’t appropriate in this case. Not only are most commercial cages too small, the hyacinth macaw can easily break out of them. A custom cage or one of the very largest commercial cages would do, though a full room, patio or other safely enclosed, bird-proofed area is better. All birds benefit from flying, and this bird will need a lot of room if it’s going to enjoy this important exercise. Even a hyacinth macaw with trimmed wing feathers needs plenty of room to flap and clamber around.

Hyacinths can be very destructive and need lots of wooden toys and branches to chew. A sturdy play gym is a must, though even the sturdiest commercially built play gyms will have a hard time withstanding the hyacinth’s strong beak. Large, safe, replaceable play trees are a good bet, too.

This bird, like all parrots, needs a lot of free time daily to play with its humans or just hang out. It is a social bird, usually seen in pairs or in small groups in the wild. They are not “loners,” and will languish without company. Also, confined hyacinth will become cranky and neurotic, and can begin to self-mutilate and scream excessively. They will get along with other birds, particularly New World parrots, but individuals should be introduced early.

Color: Blue
Size: large
Lifespan: 30 + years
Sounds: Vocal communicator
Interaction: Social

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  1. Elias Hiatt

    Overall a very good experience.

    • Dominium Exotic Pets

      great .. let me know if you have any questions no matter how small

  2. Monica Newman

    Such special persons. I bought 2 birds from them 2 years ago and was so thrilled that I bought 4 hyacinth macaws from them this year. I have never had such wonderful babies. Birds. I had them all vet checked and tested the vet said they are 100 % OKAY!


    I was looking for an adult female pair with my male. My task was proving to be very difficult until iI found DEP, all my wants and needs were met to the letter. I would gladly recommend this to everybody

  4. brian lesniak

    We got a bab last weekend from this weekend and it was a great experience! Saw and then fell in love and had him shipped a beautiful boy that we named Ollie! I would 100% recommended them, no complaints no issues!

  5. Elizabeth Maynen

    Very happy. Beautiful bird. Breeder is very knowledgeable and very helpful. Would definitely recommend purchasing from them.

  6. Nicole McSwain

    We just purchased a blue macaw. our children were made to feel welcome and we could see the passion for the birds not the money. They will forever be part of our extended family!

  7. Jennifer Patino

    We were without a doubt very content with this breeders attention and service. they provided us with several tips and care information. It’s hard to know where to go with so many breeders out there but we are without a doubt happy we chose them!!

  8. Andriana O

    i highly recommend!

  9. Joel Lifschultz

    having dealt with other ostensible breeders, DEP has proven to be courteous, communicative, and above all an HONEST dealer. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for hyacinth macaws which they has just sent to me. I am very happy.

  10. julie S

    We purchased a gorgeous 4-month-old hyacinth macaw for my sister who lives alone and wanted company. My sister adores him! He has brought music to her home and a smile to her face!

  11. William Wong

    You can tell they care about their birds. We love the hyacinth we bought and she has been a great addition to our home and gets along with our existing male.

  12. Kari

    Very helpful and friendly to talk to.

  13. Gabby Krzysiak

    I have just purchase and he is amazing! They have amazing, healthy, and friendly birds. They gave me good answers to my questions and were very friendly. Really loved purchasing my bird from them!

  14. Irina Bu

    It was a pleasure to work with DEP, They are very detailed in communication. Always answers the phone, gives all necessary information on your birdy. We had a really nice experience buying our bird.

  15. Carrie

    I made a long distance purchase over the phone with my son. The breeder was willing to sell a blue male that he originally wanted to keep for himself as I had been looking for one for months. Good experience!

  16. Amy Lee

    They sent my baby to me by plane and he is the sweetest, super adorable and he is healthy! I took him to the vet and she said he was healthy too. DEP has been helping me with advices before getting him and after too!

  17. Randi Perry

    we got our baby severe macaw from DEP and shes great and healthy! we are hand feeding her and really bonding with her. DEP is great and always there to answer questions. And seems to love seeing pics of the bird in her new home. thanks so much!

  18. Sarah Berard

    Wow! I have to say I’m blown away at how well DEP knows about birds. I received my beautiful baby sun about a week ago and he’s as healthy as can be. DEP is amazing at always being there for me even after purchase, they answer ALL my questions!

  19. Tim Sweeney

    Received beautiful, healthy, sweet, 10-week-old macaw, exactly as-described and anticipated. Meeting plan(s) went a little awry on our “meeting day”, due to a misunderstanding, but breeder’s commitment/excellence/dedication are A+!

  20. Krystyna Yevstifieieva

    I got my baby , I am so happy ! Thank you so much DEP !!! That best place to get your parrot !!!! We plan to buy another baby parrot next year here !

  21. sara rohde

    Just picked up my beautiful baby blue hyacinth. Breeders were very nice and gave me a lot of info. All their petss were beautiful and well taken care of. I couldn’t be happier!!

  22. Sarah

    I picked up my baby hyacinth this afternoon! So happy! The owner was very helpful, knowledgeable, personable and clearly LOVES birds! Birds are very loved and well taken care of! Would definitely return in the future for more feather babies! Recommended!

  23. Raul Tabares

    I purchased two parrotlets and 1 hyacinth, they are hanfed and tamed. Im very pleased with them, my family is in love with them. I would definitely recommend. No sales pressure and was very helpful in sharing information.

  24. Sandra Seh

    Good personalities, willing to help and share knowledge.they gave me a free bird because i bought 7 pairs of hyacinth macaws. They have many different animals on their farm and all happy and good taken care off.Thank you.

  25. Kristina

    Very kind and polite and easy to work with. I bought 2 pairs and they are amazing I would definitely recommend purchasing from this breeder.

  26. Husham Almusawi

    Very good breeder, I bought a pair and they are healthy and clean with very nice blue which happen to be my favorite color and they call me several times jast to make sure that the birds doing good I really recommend this breeder to purchase a good bird

  27. Fabiola Gomez

    The baby’s are so sweet and they are very well taken care of. Just by looking at them you know there super healthy. We got ours and she is very friendly and goes to anyone she very great with my kids. I recommend them

  28. Rick Thinnes

    Very caring and professional. Highly knowledgeable and has a genuine love for birds. I can’t say enough at how happy I am with my bird I purchased for them. their pets are amazing. Well fed, hand raised and given so much attention. Superb!

  29. Brittany

    We are very happy with our female we bought from DEP! I would recommend anyone looking to purchase a bird, only from this breeder. They’re super knowledgeable and takes very good care of theiir pets!

  30. Rudy mom

    We got a baby 1 month ago, for my daught. He is beautiful and healthy. Breeder called multiple times to check up on bird. He is so tame. Had vet look an breaded and she said bird looked great. Would definetly get another bird from DEP.

  31. Rudy Wanda

    Awesome, to work with, Friendly, an stay in contact with you!

  32. Vincent Miller

    This breeder was pretty good up until the bird was shipped, then communication declinded. She also claims my bird is 17 weeks when there is absolutely no way unless she was starving the bird and stunting his growth. Do not reccomend.

  33. Stacy

    Absolutely amazing ! Communication was extremel Friendly and understanding. DEP addressed all of my concerns. Also providing me an abundant of information. We Established a friendship . I’m elated to announce. I’m a Severe MaCaw Mommy Its a GIRL..

  34. Cody Haage

    DEP was very helpful and cares so much about the birds! We got a blue macaw baby from her and we love him so much!

  35. Stephanie Johnson

    Yesterday adopted an 11 week old extremely smart, affectionate, beautiful Macaw!! We named him Cheerio! Cheerio is blind but awfully smart! Our entire family is so overjoyed to have him. DEP was very helpful! Thank you

  36. Kay Leggett

    We have gotten many birds from DEP and they are Healthy and Happy little Souls who you can tell were raised and hand tamed and weaned in a family home with Love and Compassion. We are so Blessed for our Angel’s from DEP.

  37. Cathy Winger

    We have beautiful, healthy little hyacinth, couldn’t be happier with the sweet girl. Being hand fed by DEP and gave gentle start to settling in. Happy with our baby! DEP had lots going on, “now who are you?” Bird is perfect❤️

  38. Mandi graf

    Any question I had was answered promptly and sincerely. Our bird is tame from day 1 and is bonding instantly with us because of the wonderful love, caring and hand rearing this aviary provides. I highly recommend them.

  39. Lizz

    I had the best experience. I happen to be there today and I picked up my male bird. He’s very friendly and tamed. I had a lot of questions to ask and they answered all of them. Very knowledgable and smart!

  40. Darcy

    We are very happy with our little guy. We bought our Macaw parrot from DEP. He was 9 weeks old. DEP stayed in touch with us and answered all my questions before and after the sale. He is a happy healthy little fellow. Highly recommend.

  41. Jun Morrill

    Thank you DEP for a wonderful healthy bird. Your superb communication and care give us confidence to do business with you again. Please keep us posted!!!!!!!

  42. Brenda Black

    I bought a wonderful bird and am having fun hand feeding and playing he is a real sweetheart. DEP has been available to ask questions and helped me out with caring for my baby

  43. Jessic Osburn

    DEP is an amazing breeder I got a blue macaw from them and her name is Millie and she is just an amazing bird. DEP works with you and they listen to you and knows your wants and desires for the right bird. They love all of their customers

  44. Kathryn Fields

    Just brought home a cute little baby hyacinth macaw. He is a total sweetheart. Already sociable, and he easily transitioned into our family the first day. The seller is friendly and a fountain of information, too. Thanks again!

  45. Aaron Miller

    It was a great experience. They were very courteous and gave a lot of helpful advice. Very happy with the transaction.

  46. Tiffanie Money

    They helped us when pineapple’s vet didnt do anything she loves to sleep on her back and scare me

  47. Arian

    blue is my favorite color, so i made these birds my favorites in the world. thank you my birthday gift DEP!

  48. Hillary Hamblet

    I got a macaw baby from DEP and hes so adorable! DEP keeps in touch very well and has been checking up on the baby very often! They also answer any questions which is great! Thank you, DEP.

  49. Helga Childers

    DEP was such a great help. I received the best feathered friend I could ever have. I love that DEP wants pictures to see how my baby is growing.

  50. Linda Hall

    Just bought a baby handfed macaw from DEP. They were very helpful and generous with their time and knowledge. It’s good to know a breeder who stands behind their birds and I know I can call them anytime with questions. Thanks DEP!

  51. Katrina Shaw

    DEP is awesome and their birds are beautiful. They are willing to help any bird whether they came from them or not.

  52. Amanda Gannon

    DEP has been awesome and very understanding with my first time purchasing a parrot. They always answer my calls and has made me feel very secure in the method of care for their birds.

  53. Julie E

    just got delivery from you and it is the best bird I ever had , all what was said was truthful , the cleanest most caring people highly recommended

  54. Governess Faraway

    After having a different breeder fail to show up to an intended meeting, we found and called DEP about their online posting of a blue male parrotlet. They were more than willing to send her to us and delivery came in same day. Great place

  55. Sally Uther

    Such a nice store with the largest collection of birds I ever seen, clean store, highly educated staff, and friendly environment.

  56. Lili Garrison

    We got ours from DEP and he is absolutely perfect ! I had learned so much from DEP and they’re available 24/7 to help with anything. If you want a gorgeous healthy bird I highly recommend DEP

  57. Quan Young

    They are so adorable , could’ t believe until the delivery guy came knocking. You made my family smile and i am grateful for that thanks once again

  58. Susan Joh

    My passion in life are my pets, therefore when I decided I wanted a hyacinth macaw I looked for a breeder whose passion were her birds. Michael “fit the bill”! His patience, honesty and support were the qualities I wanted. Thank you for all your help…….

  59. Stephanie Brasher

    Dep is awsome as i got my hyacinth macaw from them. she is a very sweet healthy baby all disease testing and dna testing is done before you get your baby and my baby girl is healthy as can be im differently going back to Dep for all my birds

  60. montana Homif

    Most recommended pet shop i have come across, she arrived earlier today and looking very healthy and happy to be with a new family

  61. Anita

    I purchased a macaw who is the sweetest little guy I have ever had. DEP was so easy to work with from the time our baby first hatched to the time I brought him home. They continue to be a great resource. I highly recommend them! Thank you them!

  62. Toung Zinky

    thanks very much for your service and assistance on my purchase i love the blue

  63. ellen martin

    I am so thrilled with my baby. She is exactly if not more than what I wanted. When my family told me to call them about getting a baby I was so impressed. My family already had gottten several birds from them. All of the birds are great.

  64. Chyna K

    I purchased my baby from DEP, I can say that I have had only a positive experience with DEP throughout the entire process – from hatch day to delivery day. My bird is completely healthy and so friendly. DEP was and is always there for me!

  65. stacy adams

    My mom got 4 birds from them over the past years. I got my baby from them last year. I cannot say enough great things I am getting another bird this year from DEP and my mom is to. Great healthy birds, super affectionate.

  66. Michael

    I really like the fact that people aren’t allowed to visit the baby birds because they could be unknowingly carrying in diseases. People need to realize they know what they are doing.

  67. Alan D

    I told DEP repeatedly via text, phone calls, and emails that I wanted birds with unclipped wings and they assured me that they would not clip. But then, they delivered the birds with clipped wings…did not even tell me in advance. Extremely unprofessional.

  68. Cathy Kulbak

    I chose to purchase my Male Hyacinth Macaw from DEP- is extremely knowledgeable about them & very pleasant to deal with. My macaw, little guy arrived safely & started feeling at home immediately. I am very happy 🙂

  69. Stephan H

    Very happy with my Macaw baby from, DEP. It arrived (still on formula) healthy and super friendly. The price was a bit on the high end for her, but otherwise very happy with my purchase and experience with DEP. Thanks, DEP!

  70. Suzan Phelps

    I am a repeat customer of DEP and have become blessed to consider them a friend. I could not recommend this Business more highly. Both of my birds are healthy, happy, very loving and social. You can’t go wrong with this Breeder.❤

  71. russell burgess

    dep helped me select a baby bird. i am 100% satisfied with the service and animal that i recieved. honest and real with the imformation about my baby bird . will definatly do buisness again with. them. thank you dep!

  72. V Hast

    My mom & I are so happy with the little male macaw that we bought from DEP. He arrived safely in his shipping box. He is healthy, happy & the color of his yellow plumage is beautiful.

  73. tia fox

    I love this place. I have purchased birds from other breeders but they never called up to check on the baby and offer suggestions. I will be buying a new baby next year and they are the only ones I am calling

  74. Oneil kuy

    dominium exotic pets is indeed the best birds arrived well feed and are so playful and singful

  75. Melissa Strif

    Outstanding breeder in every way. Communication A+, fast shipping, beautiful and healthy bird. Very trust worthy and a pleasure to do business with.

  76. Mirella Sosa

    Dep has being amazing breeder ” mom” to my pair of hyacinth macaw ” Tikki and Coco” . Dep answered all the questions I had about this breed . I definitely recommend them for anybody that wants a professional bird breeder . they is the best ..

  77. Kerese Holmes

    The care these birds get is amazing. We got our baby from Dep and we just love her. DEP is available at anytime to help with whatever your questions are and it is a huge stress reliever to know that they are!

  78. Tiffany Rooprai

    Always great communication , quality breeder with a huge heart.


    DEP was a great breeder! I have already reserved my second bird from them. Our first baby this year was not only healthy and sweet but I choose to ask for a mate for her next year. Thank you Dep!! Jack is a great gift!

  80. Cindy Eades

    Dep was Awesome! They took time to explain all details & followed up after. From Wa-CA, we got a beautiful baby macaw who is strong, healthy & doing very well! I highly recommend Dep’s babies to anyone looking to add a quality Bird to their Family!

  81. Doug Norris

    We got our beautiful little macaw, Pepper, from dep, they was perfect from the day we picked him, healthy, and eating within hours of us getting him home. If you are looking for a good breeder, to find a bird, then look no furthur!

  82. Kimberly Peay

    DEP is an awesome Organisation who love their birds SO much! I’ve done business with them before and I’m sure I’ll do business with them again.

  83. Amber Lambert

    DEP is a wonderful and very experienced breeder. their birds are proof of that…. I received a wonderful, happy, and healthy macaw from them, and I couldn’t be happier! I highly recommend DEP!!

  84. Elise Taylor

    DEP had great communication. They sent videos of our bird as it was growing and pictures too. My bird arrived by plane in a crate. He was happy and sweet and you could tell he was very well taken care of. I highly recommend this breeder!

  85. Karen Cleek

    I purchased a baby hyacinth macaw – handfed, and very sweet, and tame. She is growing into a beautiful, and delightful bird. DEP is a wonderful, caring breeder. Always available to answer questions. Healthy bird. GREAT BREEDER!

  86. Rosemary Lamphier

    DEP is very knowledgeable and clearly love their animals. I recommend them fully. My macaw is amazing!

  87. Wanita Kelley

    The best bird people to work with ever. Have had many dealings with DEP and have had great luck. they’re super

  88. Melinda Leggett

    DEP breeds,weans,raises and hand tamed healthy happy birds. They are knowledgeable, fair and honest. I am a Repeat Customer and I do recommend DEP

  89. Megan Smith

    I bought a hyacinth macaw from here, started paying around May and got delivery mid-July. He is incredibly friendly, took three days to get comfortable and calm. He’s now very cuddly and so calm that he rides on my shoulder

  90. Doris Marie Newkirk

    Great experience buying my first baby hyacinth macaw. We got lots of information and the offer to call 24/7 if we had any questions. Happy healthy little man that we plan to love forever.

  91. Hilary Swartz

    I got my baby from dep and could not be happier with my bird. He can to me healthy happy and extremely well socializing. It’s obvious how much time he had spent being handled and loved and not just hand fed.

  92. Kristi Shaw

    DEP is very knowledge, they’re always available to answer any questions or concerns I have now or in the future. I recommend them to everyone.

  93. Elisha Hilleary

    I was so happy to find dep because I couldn’t find any hyacinth macaw in my state of Missouri. I really appreciate them taking the time to answer all my questions. dep is extremely knowledgeable & truly cares for all their babies.

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