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White-bellied CaiqueWell known as the clown of companion birds, caiques are loved by bird fanciers for their outgoing nature and ability to make people laugh with their playful antics. The proper way to pronounce caique is “kai-eke” — don’t ask for a “cake” at the bird shop, or they might point you to the nearest bakery!

Caiques are mischievous little clowns that anyone can fall in love with. They are a small fearless, parrot with a huge personality. These birds have no feather dust and no particular messy habits. They can learn to talk. A large cage (minimum size of 32″) with lots of toys is needed to keep them busy. A good diet with a wide variety of fruits, veggies, nuts and pellets is best. They like a large bowl in which to bath. Caiques are best known for their playful nature. If allowed, they will ride with you wherever you go and have their head in all your business. The White bellied Caiques are a little larger than the Black Headed and a bit quieter. We have 2 breeding pairs of Black Headed Caiques & 4 pair of White Bellied Caiques.

If the African grey parrot is the intellectual of the bird community, and the macaw is the show-off, then the caique is the clown. Caiques have been called clowns more often than Barnum and Bailey have had shows in three rings, and for good reason-the clown is a truly appropriate metaphor for this medium-sized mischief maker.

Two species of caiques are commonly kept as pets: the black-headed caique (Pionites melanocephala) and the white-bellied caique (Pionites leucogaster). The yellow-thighed caique, a subspecies of the white-bellied, is also kept as a pet, though it is less common in the pet trade. The black-headed and the white-bellied caique have a similar appearance, with a few obvious distinctions. They both are about 9 to 10 inches long, and their color composition is relatively simple, with “sections” of the bird in green, orange, yellow, and white.

The black-headed caique has, obviously, a black head and black beak, while the white-bellied has, you guessed it, a white belly (so does the black-headed, incidentally), horn-colored beak, and a bright orange and yellow head. The caique is a stocky bird, surprisingly heavy for its size, as most new owners will point out  

Native Region / Natural Habitat

Caiques are native to South America.

Care & Feeding

Though the caique is a medium-sized bid, it needs a large environment. This energetic bird will suffer greatly from being confined to a small cage. Think about building a small aviary if you can, or at least provide your caique with the largest housing you can afford. Make sure that the bar-spacing is appropriate for a bird of its size and that there’s a grating on the bottom of the cage. This playful bird will discover the weaknesses in its cage in no time, so be sure that the cage is of quality construction, such as those made from stainless steel.

As with most parrots, caiques thrive on a pelleted-base diet that is supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables. Nutri-Berries are an especially good food for caiques because they offer fun foraging and balanced nutrition.

Personality & Behavior

Aside from the caique’s striking appearance, its personality is the primary reason for its rise in popularity. Caique owners rave about this plucky, active, little comedian. Most bird owners know that they will have to accept the good, the bad, and the “ugly” part of bird ownership when they take on a feathered companion. The caique makes a wonderful pet, but it’s not perfect. They can be stubborn and beaky, and very willful. But they are so cute, it’s difficult to fault them. Keep a very watchful eye on your caique if you have other birds in the house-they are known for bird-on-bird aggression, and care should be taken that the caique does not injure another pet bird.

Toys are a staple of the caique’s energy-diet. Caiques are always “on the go” and love to play with toys, especially toys that they can demolish. Be sure to have a steady supply of new toys on hand to replace the old ones when they become ragged or are disassembled. You’ll have to experiment with several types of toys to find your caique’s favorites. Fortunately, there are many types of toys on the market to choose from, but make sure that they are safe before you give them to your caique.

Speech & Sound

Caiques can’t compete in a noise contest with a cockatoo, but they are not quiet, by any means. Their noise level is moderate, and will only bother your more “sensitive” neighbors. They are not known for their talking ability, but can learn to whistle and cluck very well. A talented caique will talk, but its mimicking does not rival that of the better talking species.

Health & Common Conditions

Because of the caique’s curious nature and tendency to play hard, a pet caique can might find itself in a dangerous situation. Make sure your caique has plenty of bird-safe toys to play with and that you keep a close eye on your pet whenever it is out of the cage. Caiques might be more susceptible to polyomavirus, which results in gastroenteritis and also affect the bird’s heart, liver and kidney.

Get a Caique

The caique is becoming ever more popular as a companion bird, but you may have to do your research to acquire one-most pet shops will not carry this species. You will more likely have to contact a breeder or find an all-bird shop to purchase your caique.



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  25. Your review is awaiting approval

    Super beautiful Austrian! The color is exactly the same as my hair. Surprise~ This is the cheapest and most satisfying one of all the wigs I bought😂😂

  26. Josepher Earnest

    I have purchased three caique parrots from this breeder. My birds are amazing! So healthy, beautiful and everything I could have hoped for. For all future orders, this is the only breeder I will use! A++++++ Thank you!!!!!!!!

  27. monica kurpa

    DEP is a great breeder to deal with, their babies are clean and healthy.i will definitely do business with her again.

  28. Dorothy

    fine birds. their health was my main concern and they got here healthier than i expected.

  29. Michele

    Outstanding service! Excellent communication! It’s clear DEP truly cares about her pets for both their health and their early socialization and handling. The sweetness and trust my baby Caique reflects directly of DEP’s efforts and love.

  30. judy stiver

    Our family couldn’t be happier with our two new caiques we added to our family. DEP introduced them to us and it was live at first sight! they were patient, knowledgeable, and, we could tell, a true animal lover.

    • Dominium Pets

      Thank you so much. The Birds really picked the kids. We’re so thrilled that everyone is happy cause we know those birds are happy and in good hands. we’re always here if you ever need anything.

  31. Stacie

    I bought a Proven Pair from DEP. They seem very healthy, look great, and are the best pair of caiques i have seen, so very lovable to each other. You can tell DEP really takes care of her birds. Thanks DEP, will defenitly buy from you again.

  32. Krystal

    Bought two birds from DEP’s Dominium Exotic Pets and it was without a doubt the BEST experience purchasing a pet I have never had. They were extremely educated and extraoridnarily helpful. I knew nothing about birds when I first met DEP. but they have given me so much useful knowledge. We love our happy caiques. They are absolutely beautiful. I would HIGHLY reccommend DEP to anyone looking at purchasing a new pet for their family. Thank you DEP!

    • Dominium Exotic Pets

      Your very welcome. Teaching you how to hand feed your baby birds was a delight to see the enjoyment on your face. And you learned that it wasn’t hard to do at all. We love helping and talking to each and every one of our customers. Keep in touch we love seeing up to date pictures of the birds with you. Thanks again, DEP

  33. Rashni Pretsky

    they are lovely!, i could not ask for any other lovely animal

  34. Jessica Lacks

    I received the two referenced hand fed caiques ten days ago at Delta Cargo in Las Vegas. They arrived healthy and didn’t seem stressed. The travel container was well stocked with chopped apple and fruit blend seed. Within several days, I had each parrot perching on my finger and they are very playful. They are playmates and very bonded. That is one reason I bought them as a pair. They enjoy playing on their new play stand and have adjusted to their new life beautifully. Bird farms in CA never have Caiques anymore. Many thanks to DEP for fulfilling my dreams and family.

  35. Berverly

    They arrived in perfect shape like you told me also delivery was quick and easy

  36. Killian

    Magnificent service , what a wonderful company customer support is just so helpful. They kept communication until my CAIQUE PARROTS arrived in their well preserved cage what an awesome deal , we recommend DEP

  37. Ann & JJ


  38. Sally

    Bought 2 pairs of caiques from DEP. Absolutely gorgeous, healthy birds! Thank you so much for our Christmas present!

  39. Mike

    great quality birds and service, a 5 star breeder

  40. Lisa

    I bought Lola 11 months ago when she was about 4 months old from DEP. Lola turned out to be an awesome little dare devil. She arrived healthy, social, and ready to meet her new family and home. Lola arrived in her little carrier, had snacks and couldn’t wait to meet us. Lola has been the best addition to our home and you can tell that DEP did a wonderful job weaning her into a wonderful, playful CAIQUE!!! She is a 1yr and 2months and whistles her little heart all day long.

  41. Charlotte

    I bought my caique parrots from DEP in February & I’m so happy I did. Cosmo & Hans were very socialized, started to talk very quickly, very tame & healthy. If you are looking for a pet bird consider this breeder because they truly take the time to socialize with their animals. Thank you DEP!

  42. Tina

    I bought a caique Parrot from DEP. I had the opportunity to visit her home and see her birds. I HIGHLY recommend this aviary! Very clean and experienced. The bird is absolutely adorable, healthy and very socialized. Thank you DEP! I plan on purchasing an African Grey soonest

  43. Jessica

    I purchased a male caique from DEP and I have to say, he is the most affectionate bird I have ever owned. He absolutely craves attention and is so comfortable with people. The only thing I will say is I really didn’t get a lot of updates on him when he was growing up. I got a handful of pictures the last month he was with her when I asked. I think it was well worth it though for the bird I got from her, even if I had to be in the dark about him for a while 🙂

  44. Debbie

    DEP is a great breeder! Does an excellent job with her birds and they are disease free. Honestly loves their pets and takes excellent care of’em. Bought a Young female Caique and couldn’t be happier with her!! I highly recommend DEP!

  45. Bill Saylors

    I bought a breeder bird from DEP. They were very honest as the bird was everything they said it would be. Unfortunately it’s difficult to find honest people in the bird market these days. Thanks DEP for great service!

  46. Ivan Ma

    This was my first time ordering birds online and DEP was extremely helpful! they came in awesome condition. The packaging was perfect and the birds didn’t seem phased by the shipping.

  47. Julius Collin

    I’ve had several transactions with DEP, and their birds are beautiful! They recently made a purchase from me and it went very smoothly! DEP is an honest, clean, and just plain nice breeder to deal with. When I’ve had questions, they’ve been patient in answering me and have sent me some sites for more information. You can’t lose with DEP … only win win!

  48. Marc

    Bought a pair of caiques from DEP. The birds arrived quickly, and the subsequent vet visit confirmed a clean bill of health. The birds are only 4 months old, and already trying to talk, and knows not to drop on us. Wow! We’ve had many parrots over the course of a long life, and this is hands-down the sweetest birds we’ve shared our lives with. I honestly cannot say if its the breed, or DEP’s rearing, but they definitely are very very special birds. Thanks!

  49. Sissy

    DEP is amazing! They’re so knowledgeable and helpful. They offer beautiful, healthy birds and gives you all the information needed to be a great owner. I highly recommend DEP and would do business with her again.

  50. Karen

    What a treasure to find DEP’s Bird Colony. DEP was friendly, knowledgeable and so fun to work with. We love our sweet, hand fed Caique. DEP’s time and effort with their pets is very apparent. Great experience and highly recommend.

  51. John O’Riley

    I purchased a baby caique from DEP from Cali. I am so happy with this bird. She is very sweet and got used to the family very quickly. It is obvious that DEP takes very good care of their pets.


    Great service , explained everything thoroughly, really glad to have found breeder to purchase my caique from.

  53. Mikey Brons

    although communication was slow at first, DEP turned out to be the best thing for us. We got a sweet little Caique and Scarlet Macaw, just as described and fast shipping! Will definitely use them again in the future. DEP helped us with all our questions.

  54. Diane Barnett

    I purchased a beautiful white stomach caique. Bird is gorgeous. Communication was great, and shipping was prompt. I would definitely recommend this breeder if you are looking for quality birds.

    • Dominium Exotic Pets

      Thank you so much for your kindness. We’re glad we was able to find you the bird that you wanted. we know this bird will have a wonderful new home.

  55. Jessica Alnian

    DEP is amazing! I bought a baby Caique from them and it is clear how much they love their pets and what they do! I got all the quality supplies I needed from them at great prices. They keep in touch and answers questions. I will buy from DEPs again.

    • Dominium Pets

      Thank you so much for your kindness it was a pleasure meating you. we could tell that this bird was going to go to an amazing person. That puts a smile on our faces. Thank you again. DEP

  56. Kristin Mayer

    We purchased a caique from DEP in December 2016 and we are very pleased with the bird. The bird was hand raised by Sissy so very tame and friendly. The bird is also very healthy. We were fortunate to find a great breeder.

    • Dominium Pets

      Thank you for that. It puts a smile on our faces to see someone so happy with their bird. we really enjoyed talking with you and we knew this bird was going to a good family. Birds are so easy to love and we enjoy taking care of them. we want to make sure you get the best bird possible.

  57. Lana

    Love doing business with DEPs. they are great and know their pets. they have a great business and I am so glad I found them. Keep up the great work DEPs. thanks.

    • Dominium Pets

      Thank you for your kindness.

  58. Cheryl

    I bought a Beautiful female Caique from DEP along with her cage and everything she needed, DEP was wonderful! They were so thoughtful and caring towards me and the little bird. They had to ship her to ID. They are so knowledgeable about how to take wonderful care of the birds. They take the time to work with you on all that you need and not just for the 1st purchase, but I go to them for all of my ongoing needs as well. I am truly blessed to have found DEP online!! Glitchie and I say Thank You! DEP

    • Dominium Pets

      Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s always a pleasure to talk with you and to hear about Glitchie the caique. You are truly a great friend. Thanks again, DEP

  59. Tommy

    I had bought two caiques from them and they’re awesome birds. They sold them to me at a great deal and gave me plenty of information. They loved talking about birds and you could really tell that they love their pets. I got more information from her than I would have from a pet shop. I highly recommend her and her pets.

  60. Ana & Anita

    this is so far the best pet shop i have ever seen and bought from online. swift delivery and healthy conditions for delivery of my pets; Anna and Anni!!! thank you all for your gift to my family.

  61. Serena Li

    DEP is such an amazing person. What your getting; is a healthy bird that has been loved by DEP. We’re always communicating even after my purchase. I purchase supplies and a cage and plan to purchase another cage soon. I’m even pondering on getting another caique. Thank you DEPS! I’m glad I found you! I made a friend and I will do all I can to donate to the birds.

    • Dominium Pets

      Thank you so much for your kind words. We really enjoy talking with you on your bird. Talking about our pets is our favorite subject and sometimes we don’t know when to stop talking. we’re the most honest breeder that you will find.we’re here for you whenever you have a question. Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, DEP

  62. Daniela

    These guys gave me great information about the caique…..I went to many pet stores and I am very glad I found her on the internet…..the bird is so easy to hold and friendly and it was all in all a great experience.and it is great to know that u can call them even after the buy ,if u have questions and need help…….. Would recommend DEP to anybody who plans on buying a bird …..

  63. Susan Dover

    DEP was helpful in finding me the “right” bird and my new baby bird, Evita is the sweetest lovable friendly caique. If you want a great experience and a healthy happy friendly bird I highly recommend DEP.

  64. Amanda Mathai

    I had a great experience. Seller was very communicative and I was easily able to decide on a bird and set up an appointment! I love my new Caique “Bits”, and he is very well socialized and adjusting very well.

  65. A.Williams

    Excellent customer service. I received the birds in timely matter and as well it was shipped in the right box and with food. The bird was in great condition and healthy. Very beautiful and ringneck parrots Thank you

  66. Stephanie J Pineault

    Highly recommend. Knowledgable, super quality, easy to do business. I have 2 fifes i got from them last month and now a pair of ringnecks – and they are lovely!

  67. Bambinho

    Adorable pair bro they are the best thing that has handicapped to me so far thanks to you and your team

  68. Dana Tellier

    I had a really good experience with DEP every step of the way. They accommodated me on the day I wanted the bird to arrive. When the bird did arrive it looked very healthy and started singing an hour later.DEP can be trusted and I recommend.

  69. Carolyn

    I have a very sweet baby caique from DEP. She did a great job starting her out to become a fantastic bird. Thanks again!

  70. Qaximberl Kimiline

    We visited DEP some time ago and bought our baby mimi,later we ordered a male for them to spend time together i am proud to say birds and other animals From DEP are 100% healthy and risk no chance of sickness as i have experienced it all. My birds have a baby now and are so much a part of our family thanks to you.

  71. Lamont St. Pierre

    I was sent an extremely pretty and excellent pet quality caique female that I am very happy with.

  72. Joan Huston

    Very very cute birds. my neighbors are jealous, they want theirs….

  73. Libby

    DEP was amazing to work with. They answered all my questions (and there were many) very quickly and they were very kind to send lots of pictures. Miss Trixi arrived safe and sound after a rocky trip (not DEP’s fault, but a mix up by Delta) and is absolutely beautiful! I highly recommend DEP-they will go above and beyond in caring for your baby bird!

  74. SYLVIA


  75. Rita Atkinson

    I have purchase two Caique birds from this breeder and I am very impressed with their knowledge of birds and their honesty. I highly recommend DEP. The two Caiques I have bought I absolutely love and they are very tame when you bring them home. You can tell they spent a lot of time with them before they go to their new homes.

  76. Dan & Margie Curry

    DEP is very knowledgeable about their pets. She did a great job helping us select the right parrot for us.Our “Flute” is a happy and healthy little guy, and very smart!

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