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Baby Black Palm Cockatoo Available! We are incredibly excited to announce that we successfully hatched our own Black Palm Cockatoo at our breeding program in Florida! This is a great achievement and we couldn’t have done it without the help of some amazing people. Black Palm Cockatoos are incredibly gorgeous animals but can also make wonderful companions. They are sweet, loving and playful. They tend to have a very docile demeanor and do well with more than one person. Palms require a varied diet, a large enclosure and plenty of toys. At Parrot Stars we focus on education, nutrition, and conservation. We work very hard to help educate our customers on parrot companionship. Prior to taking a bird home, we will provide information on proper housing, creating a safe environment, diet, behavior, hormones and much more. No question will go unanswered. Every hand fed baby is weaned on to a high variety diet. They are weaned onto fruits and veggies, a soak and sprout mix we make here in store, high variety seed that we also make here in store, and naturally colored pellet. If you have questions regarding this baby, or any others that we have available, please give us a call!

The palm cockatoo (Probosciger aterrimus), also known as the goliath cockatoo or great black cockatoo, is a large smoky-grey or black parrot of the cockatoo family native to New Guinea, Aru Islands, and Cape York Peninsula. It has a very large black beak and prominent red cheek patches. Its specific name, Probosciger aterrimus, is from Latin proboscis, long thin nose + -ger, carry, and Latin superlative adjective for ater, black, hence a “black [bird] with a long thin nose (beak)”. It is also sometimes given the misnomer “black macaw” in aviculture – the macaws are unrelated New World parrots.

The only member of the monotypic genus, Probosciger, the palm cockatoo is a member of the white cockatoo subfamily Cacatuinae. Earlier limited genetic studies found it to be the earliest offshoot from the ancestors of what have become the cockatoo family. It may be the largest cockatoo species and largest parrot in Australia, although large races of yellow-tailed black cockatoos and sulphur-crested cockatoos broadly overlap in size.

The palm cockatoo is 22 to 24 inches in length and weighs 910–1,200 g (2.01–2.65 lb). It is a distinctive bird with a large crest and has one of the largest bills of any parrot (only the hyacinth macaw’s is larger). The lower and upper mandibles do not meet for much of its length, allowing the tongue to hold a nut against the top mandible while the lower mandible works to open it. This powerful bill enables palm cockatoos not only to eat very hard nuts and seeds, but also enables males to break off thick (about 1 in) sticks from live trees to use for a drumming display. The male has a larger beak than the female.  The palm cockatoo also has a distinctive red cheek patch that changes colour when the bird is alarmed or excited.

Anecdotal evidence indicates a palm cockatoo reaching 80 or 90 years of age in an Australian zoo, although the oldest confirmed individual was aged 56 in London Zoo in 2000. Although longevity of captive birds is known, the lifespan of palm cockatoos that live in the wild is still unknown .

The palm cockatoo is an unusual bird, being an ancient species and one of the few bird species known to use tools. It has a unique territorial display where the bird (typically the male) drums with a large stick or seed pod against a dead bough or tree, creating a loud noise that can be heard up to 100 m away. Although this drumming behaviour was discovered over two decades ago, the reason why palm cockatoos drum is still a mystery. One reason could be that females can assess the durability of the nesting hollow by the resonance of the drumming. Another possibility could be that males drum to mark their territory against other males.

The palm cockatoo has a large and complex vocal repertoire, including many whistles and even a “hello” call that sounds surprisingly human-like The vocalizations of palm cockatoos are similar to those of most wild parrots, but they have also been shown to produce a variety of additional syllables in display and exchange with neighbouring individuals. These additional syllables are mainly produced by males and are often combined to form long, complex sequences. In a population in the Iron Range, 30 different syllables were distinguished. Distinct dialects occur throughout the species’ range.

Palm cockatoos only lay one egg every second year and have one of the lowest breeding success rates reported for any species of parrot. Offsetting this is their very long lifespan. A male commenced breeding at 29 in Taronga Zoo in Sydney, and a female at the London Zoo was 40 when she laid her first egg in 1966. Breeding takes place inside tree hollows that look like standing pipes. As with other large birds, both parents care for young.

The palm cockatoo often feeds during the early hours of the day on a diet that consists mostly of wild growing pandanus palm fruit and nuts from the kanari tree. This species normally does not appear in large numbers. They are not known to flock feed like many of the cockatoo species. Usually only one to six individuals are observed feeding together at one time. If these birds do congregate, it will usually happen in open woodland just after sunrise or along the rainforest edge before returning to individual roosts for the night.

The palm cockatoo is still relatively common in Cape York, but is threatened there by habitat destruction, particularly due to bauxite mining around Weipa and altered fire regimens elsewhere. Palm cockatoos are hunted in New Guinea. The palm cockatoo is currently evaluated as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. It is listed on Appendix I of CITES. In Australia, palm cockatoos were relisted from Near Threatened to Vulnerable on 31 October 2015.

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  1. Kate k

    In my opinion this is the best place you can ever get a bird from we just got ours and in very great shape

  2. Khan Imran

    I just purchased a blue 7 month male black palm cockatoo from them!!!! Wen I got there place was spotless has a good collection of IRN alexendire an macaw babies like the way they take care an the tips they give you! Highly recommend

  3. Shawn

    After searching around online we found DEP. They were super helpful and courteous to start with and made the whole buying process smooth and easy. They kept us informed on how our baby Grey was doing and let us hang out several times at their farm interacting with the bird. They came in early so we could avoid NYC traffic since we live 3 hours away. DEP proved themself to be a super knowledgeable and trustworthy persons that you will end becoming friends with! Now I want another bird!

    • Dominium Exotic Pets

      Thank you guys it was a pleasure to meet you and a joy having you at the store. Hope to have you back soon. Thank you Joe

  4. Addison King

    It 👍

    • Dominium Exotic Pets

      Thank you for your review

  5. Lauren Stygar

    Purchased my pair around a month ago and they are amazing! So affectionate and healthy.. I drove up all the way from Virginia to get them. DEP is far more professional than any other store in my area!

    • Dominium Exotic Pets

      Thank you for your review and allowing us to provide you with one of our birds and thank you for driving all the way up…DEP

  6. chip

    Thank you DEP we love our new baby. DEP is very knowledgeable, helpful, and a laid back professional. My wife ,and i will have DEP take care of all of our future bird needs and wants from toys, food, and accessories. If your looking for a bird to fill that featherless gap in your life its worth making purchase from DEP.

  7. Paula Ruiz de Somocurcio

    I purchased a pair of black palm cockatoo for my grandson for Christmas. First purchase of this kind. DEP is knowledgeable and very experienced. Excellent place for a pet purchase.

  8. marilyn reich

    we bought our Black palm cockatoo 2 years ago…he is terrific……he’s smart-chatty-a troublemaker-and loads of fun..I’m sure it has alot to do with how he was raised as a baby.

  9. Sheldon Oxenberg

    My wife and I went just got some a pair. They are doing great, healthy, well adjusted, happy. The staffs of DEP are nice, knowledgeable, caring. We highly recommend DEP for pet birds and advice.

  10. Alyssa Walker

    Purchased a pair of black palm Cockatoo from DEP. So helpful and extremely informative. Winston and Juan gets more and more loving and cuddly everyday! Their personality is wonderful and they love to be silly. I definitely will be doing business with DEP in the future!!

  11. Wanda Medeiros

    DEP had many beautiful Birds! But imy Husband wanted me to have these and I ended up with 3 beautiful ones and I must say they are hard to come across by! DEP had promised to hold and kept promise! Love my birds! Tank-U

    • Dominium Exotic Pets

      Thank you Wanda, Glad you are satisfied as that is our number 1 priority. DEP!

  12. Dillon Muth

    Just bought a scarlet macaw and 1 black palm cockatoo from DEP. They were very friendly and knowledgable. I live and Montana, and they were able to ship them all the way out here safely.They were very helpful, and I would do business with them again

  13. Omi Orama

    DEP is a wonderful atmosphere, with a beautiful variety of birds. The store is well organized, the birds are friendly and loving, and the staffs are wonderful. They are also true experts in their field. A perfect first time owner shop.

  14. John Holbrook

    DEP cares about their birds as if they were their children. They allows the babies to wean at their own pace and allows them to fledge before ever clipping wings, thus creating well adjusted and confident bird companions. I would highly recommend DEP!

  15. Christy Keys

    Highly recommend! Buying a bird sight unseen is nerve wracking, but DEP was fantastic! They are so knowledgeable, and kept me well informed throughout the weaning process. My red tailed black cockatoo and black palm cockatoo parrots arrived healthy, beautiful, sweet and well socialized.

  16. James Rinker

    DEP is the only store you will ever need to go to again for all your needs. From toys, to new treats on the market, even the newest and most effective cleaning bird safe chemicals. DEP has it all!!!!!!! Order from’em, you will NOT be sorry!!!

    • Dominium Exotic Pets

      Thankyou James. see you soon.

  17. Heather Collin

    Bought a baby black palm cockatoo from DEP, this please is awesome!!! Birds are well cared for and kept clean. DEP is very helpful and provides help whenever needed. This is the place ill be getting all future birds from!! Thanks DEP 🙂

  18. DuckysMema

    DEP has the cleanest pet farm I have eer been in. I bought a pair RIGHT after they were weaned. Healty…happy..will be two next month. DEP is VERY knowledgeable & is happy to answer all questions. They’re the BEST around 100%

    • Dominium Exotic Pets

      Thank you. Hope you have many years of enjoyment with Ducky. DEP

  19. Nick Wilson

    Place is great. the staffs have lots of knowledge and lots of answers if you need them. Birds are healthy. Facility is clean. Products are only top of the line, and if your interested in a new feathered friend this is the place to get them from.

  20. Theresa Varipapa

    DEP and their staffs are very knowledgeable and courteous. Excellent service! Love my mini hyacinth macaw and black palm cockatoo. …

  21. Trish

    We bought a male in June 2017 from DEP. My boy is now 10 months. He’s the sweetest most well adjusted baby I’ve ever seen. DEP was so helpful & knowledgeable. We would definitely recommend them! Thank you DEP for our sweet boy!!

    • Dominium Exotic Pets

      Thank you very much Trish, hope to see you soon. DEP

  22. Scott

    Re-posting to correct star rating. We spoke to DEP in early December and put a deposit on a baby palm cockatoo. We waited patiently for her to be fully weaned and DEP sent pictures throughout the process. He was very concerned about her safety during her flight to O’Hare in February and we really appreciated that. Highly recommend DEP.

  23. antonio

    Great staffs, very happy with my macaw and palm cockatoo going to buy another soon from DEP

  24. Krista

    We were nervous shipping our baby B Palm Cockatoo during the frigid winter of 2016. DEP watched the weather and when a warm streak was forecasted he arranged for her delivery.The Courier service was great and our baby cockatoo arrived happy with a toy and fresh carrot slices. She is outgoing, inquisitive and integrated instantly with our flock of three other parrots.

    • Dominium Exotic Pets

      Thank you for the purchase of cockatoo.Send us pictures and keep us updated Thank you again DEP

  25. Carole

    i bought a African Grey and black palm cockatoo. The birds are now 4 months old and was VERY healthy when I bought them. DEP was very helpfull during the whole buying process. All their pets seem very well cared for. DEP is full of information & is willing to help with any questions I may have. I HIGHLY recomend them.

  26. Aaron

    I purchased two parrots from DEP. A White Bellie Caique and then i went back and purchsed a black palm cockatoo. Both birds are perfect. Friendly and well socialized. I would reccomend anyone to buy from them……Aaron

    • Dominium Exotic Pets

      Thank You Aaron hope to see you soon…..

  27. Sophie Koval

    I love this website and I love birds

  28. Matthew

    I bought a baby scarlet macaw, Mowgli, and a my boy friend’s black palm cockatoo from them, and they’re amazing. The avian vet said they were in superb health and condition; they have answered my question bombardment and are always available. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from them in the future. They are great!

    • Dominium Exotic Pets

      Thank you Matthew!! We’re so glad to hear how happy you guys are with Mowgli! Make sure you give that beautiful baby a big kiss from his “stepparents”! All our love, DEP

  29. Thomas

    I recently purchased from DEP and i’m very happy I did. She is very tame and he a great job hand raising her and preparing her for a new home. Also she is very friendly. Nice pipps, great bird buying atmosphere I’d recommend DEP to anyone looking for a great handfed parrot.

    • Dominium Exotic Pets

      Thank you ,DEP!

  30. Gian Carlo Caballero

    Know their pets well

  31. susan wild

    Rated Best of the Best on all of the criteria!

  32. Christine Meadows

    What can I say, Birds by DEP is as good as it gets. DEP is knowledgeable and loves their pets. They hand feed them, which definitely shows. I have two birds from DEP and they are very social and friendly. We got them both as babies.

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