Cemani’s in general seems to be a friendly and likable bird. They are intelligent, gentle, and docile – including the roosters.

Ayam Cemani breed has been described as flighty, but most people who have them or raise them say this is not so. They are easy to handle and low maintenance fowl.

They are quite a winter hardy shaking off the Vermont winters easily when given the appropriate housing and shelter.

Since they originated in Indonesia, it will go without saying that they can tolerate heat pretty well also.

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Ayam Cemani Egg Laying

The Ayam Cemani is a fairly poor egg layer. On average, they will lay around 80 eggs per year, which is around 1 egg per week.

They do seem to go ‘off lay’ for an extended period of time. Apparently, they will lay 20-30 eggs and then stop laying.

This can be up to 6 months, and then they will start all over again!

Compared to the size of the hen, the eggs are quite large, and they are cream-colored with a very slight pink tint (not black).

I have seen several photos that show black eggs – rest assured, these are fake eggs.

Some folks state they aren’t broody, and yet others say they can be broody. This may be due to differences in the bloodlines obtained.

Buying rare breed poultry from quality breeders is more like making a reservation with a deposit than ordering common breeds worse- Ebay. This is because we are a micro farm and highly selective breeder. Your ayam cemanis are “made to order” (for lack of a better term). Your fertilized ayam cemani eggs will be collected and you will receive an invoice for the remaining balance to pay before shipment. It’s important to be prompt about paying the final balance because ayam cemani embryo development (aka hatching rates) decrease as time progresses. You have to remember that your eggs were collected over several days and they will also be in transit to their new home via priority mail. Therefore, the sooner they ship, the better for the future ayam cemani chicks inside.

Acquiring and hatching your own fertilized eggs isn’t something we recommend for a first-time chicken owner, but it is a wonderful adventure that every poultry owner should experience at least once. It is also an excellent way for the experienced chicken owner to acquire their very own 100% pure bred ayam cemanis at a fraction of the price for chicks and juvenile birds.

Your eggs will be collected after payment is received, packed extremely well and shipped USPS Priority Mail or DHL to ensure you receive the freshest possible fertilized pure ayam cemani eggs. Fertilized eggs have a high hatch rate if they are set in the incubator in the first 14 days, then it declines dramatically, so we are extremely prudent about being speedy here on the farm.

Hatching rates depend on a variety of factors including the type of incubator, humidity, turn rates and temperature just to name a few. We do not guarantee hatch rates, but can share our own: DEP uses Eco-Maxi II incubators and we achieve an 83% hatch rate with our Ayam Cemani hatching eggs. Logic would lead us to reduce that number slightly for the stress of shipping, which our eggs do not experience here on the farm. Please take this into consideration when choosing the quantity of Ayam Cemani hatching eggs to order.

​There is ALOT of mis-information about the Ayam Cemani breed on the internet, so we like to make sure people understand this.  Although we have an “egg-ceptional” and stunning breeding group, the gene that actually makes the Ayam Cemani uniquely black, is a recessive gene. Therefore, in any breeding program, you will get the occasional white toe tip. This can “grow out” and not be visible on your Ayam Cemani as it matures. However, it also may not. When buying day old Ayam Cemani chicks, you have the added luxury of a pre-scan that we do for any obvious signs of defect or poor health. With hatching eggs, we are not able to pre-screen the birds and it’s important for buyers of hatching Ayam Cemani eggs to understand this. As well as the Original Indonesian Breed comes completely BLACK from birth with no white toe tip.

The Ayam Cemani is the only entirely black chicken on the planet. That includes their skin, internal organs and yes, even their tongues are black. However, contrary to what you may read on the internet- Ayam Cemanis do not lay black eggs and they do not have black blood. Therefore, don’t be surprised when your eggs arrive and they are not black. They are perfectly and exactly the way they should be.

They tend to make good mothers and care well for their chicks.

Ayam Cemani Eggs For Sale

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